Sunflower | 38 x 42 | oil on canvas

Like a little child, we often complain how scary it is to walk where we can’t see. We’ve reason to be cautious. Wehave absolutely no vision beyond the present....just trust God and do good.

This younge girl was standing by herself watch as her older sisters and cousins were dancing at a pow wow in Calgary Alberta. She looked as if she was staring at something. The look of ambition on her face caught my attention. I wonder what she was really thinking? Perhaps she was contemplating her future and asking her creator for guidance, or about the dance that she had practiced for many weeks wondering if she was going to win the award for her dress.

I have always been intrigued by our native ansestors, their culture, beliefs and disciplines.

I love the colours and the feathers that are used in their danceing and ceremonial celebrations.

#nativeamerican #nativeCanadian #Nativeportraits


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