Wednesday's Rain | 32" x 50" | o/c

It was warm summer Wednesday and time to cut the grass and clean up some of the dandelions in the garden. My neighbour says it’s better to wait until the sun drys the morning due before cutting the grass. So I started in the garden. My friend works at a garden centre gave me some bulbs to bury last fall. We have beautiful purple and pink flowers. Imagine that… dig, bury, walk away and wait. I think that it is magic. I was excited to try out our push lawn mower, no gas, no electricity just a bit of muscle. After the grass was cut, I realized that I would now have to rake the grass into a pile and put it in a paper bag so that the waste guys could take it to the dump, pick up day is Wednesday. I had already missed the pick up. So I put the bag into a big plastic recycle box and dragged it around the house to pick up the grass. I waited until the following Wednesday to take the bag of grass and weeds to the curb.

It had started to pour rain, I was intrigued by the pattern of trees in the puddle.

Well, I learned a lesson… the grass was still damp and had made the bag so soft, that the bottom of the bag ripped open. You know the rest of the story, I had to put all the grass into a new bag just in time for the man to pick it up.


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