Letting Go | 36" x 48" | oil on canvas

Letting Go

I strive to breathe fresh life into realist painting by combining classical ideals within the context of his own life and surroundings.

My paintings have elements of decades past, but are firmly grounded in the present day. Have a glance into my world as he reveals my efforts to capture the fleeting beauty of modern life.

Letting go as a child catching snowflakes in the winter. I can still remember wondering if all raindrops were the same? Now I've come to realize that each and everyone of these raindrops are different different in size different in colour, different in the way they hit the surface of where they land. I often think how far each raindrop has traveled.

As life passed by, there have been many times during which I had to ask God to help me Let Go of people, behaviours, habits, which I, at the time believed were bringing me happiness. I thought that external things could fix my insides..... I was wrong. It took the first 29 years of my life to discover that I was mistaken. I ask the Lord to please remove from me whatever blocks me from being useful to Him and my neighbour.


fine artist

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