Le Louvré Art Invitation in Paris Annual Art Exhibition National 2013 - 2014 Society Beaux Arts at t

SNBA put out flag at Carrousel du Louvre. It is a ship that sails freely. Its unpaid crew invites you to get on board so that you can take advantage of our beautiful stops. In 2011 SNBA happily and gloriously celebrated their 150th anniversary with the artists. The old ones, free and talented, assured the reliability of its foundations. Now we admire our famous predecessors and we try to be worthy, without submission to their principles. We remember their independent mind. They show us the direction but not the way. Any travel is new for virginal lively eye. Each sailing trip must be invented again. There are different means but the purpose is always the same. Our environment changes but our emotions are always the same. SNBA take old, young painters, sculptors, the age does not matter. They show all the sides of life, happy or tragic, without following fashion, routine or market. SNBA today assume present without sweeping off the past and dream of beautiful future. Every year SNBA exhibits at Carrousel du Louvre Salle Le Nôtre. In 1725 the first exhibition took place under the responsibility of the Art Academia in the Cour Carrée at Louvre. Three centuries later our exhibition displays painters, sculptors, engravers under the Pyramid. We come back to the roots of the big tree that stretched all its branches of different groups of artists. The vault of Salle Le Nôtre is less high than the one in Grand Palais but its shop windows are nonetheless prestigious. The exhibition here is more private, and the hall more luxurious. This annual artistic event presents guests of honor chosen among confirmed artists. Their bright careers are mentioned thanks to major works. About ten foreign delegations : Brazil, Canada, Korea, Spain, Hungary, Swiss, Turkey…They show artistic activities of all continents in the very heart of Paris. Our show proposes as well “Regards sur” of selected artists. Amateurs can see dozens of their creations. We do not forget our members who are no longer with us. Prizes are attributed at the end of our exhibition. Puvis de Chavannes’s Prize must be particularly mentioned. He was one of our famous founders. It is attributed to a talented loyal artist who will have a special space in next year exhibition. The ever young National of Arts takes place along the antic walls of Philippe Auguste. The SNBA exhibits there every year in December. Every plastic art is represented : painting in oils, mixed techniques, works on paper, engraving, tapestry or sculpture. Members, partners and exhibitors are all gathered.


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