Face painting in the air.........

Working for Mediacom was the highlight of my entire career. I started out in 1983 at the backlight screen printing division. Learning the art of photo retouching by using an airbrush, learning the science of colour mixing and matching. The respect that I have for the men that took the time to show me how to use the tools to create monster pictures are very close to my heart to this very day. I went freelance after 5 years of what I call training fro the next 22 years and then came back to work along side 5 of the best outdoor mural artists in the industry.

I was let go in 2001 due to downsizing and was greatful and sad.

Nothing lasts forever... onward and upwards.

There is more samples of the mural paintings here---> http://olafschneider.ca/Olaf_Schneider/Murals.html


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