Are you having trouble deciding what picture you want??

If you are seeking a painting in a custom size, then you can commission me to create this for you.

Commissions are a great way to get just the right piece of art you are looking for, or make the perfect gift with a personal touch. 

Please contact me  to discuss your desires and the options available to you. 

We will walk through your ideas and hopefully come up with something you like.

the Royal Tapestry   |   100" x 103"   |   acrylic on canvas

When looking for a painting, it isn't always easy to find what you love. I would like to make a proposal. I can come to you and do my magic and help however I can to make this personal experience simple.

See below.......


Olaf was commissioned to paint this piece for the living room of a traditional home. The painting had to fit perfectly within the white moulding on the wall (as you can see on the image at the left) The 2 pieces are 40" x 64" each.​

This is the full view of the living room wall, the other two pieces were also painted and added later for balance

The original design came from a carpet imported from Italy. This is a family heirloom which the client wanted to have enlarged onto a canvas rather than the floor. Olaf had used his artistic license to brighten up the colours to give it more life..

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