September 17, 2019

By David Browning

Reading many blogs, posts, and comments from developing artists, a common theme I have found is a desire to be more “painterly”; to be looser, more natural, etc.  The general advice given is to become confident in the required technical skills that will let you paint with more creative freedom, not needing to focus so much on technique.  This is very sound advice, but what to do?

Nobody sits down at a piano without much training and expects to play a Chopin Mazurka.  And yet this is a bit the expectation of beginning artists.  The resulting disappointment is often expressed as, “I guess I don’t have talent.”  Learning to play the piano, I trained daily with “Hanon, The Virtuoso Pianist” to develop finger muscle and movement patterns.  It was required by all my piano teachers.   I would like to share a couple of tips for emerging artists that wish to become more “painterly”.  I hope my experiences can help them as much as they have helped me....

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