September 17, 2019

By David Browning

Reading many blogs, posts, and comments from developing artists, a common theme I have found is a desire to be more “painterly”; to be looser, more natural, etc.  The general advice given is to become confident in the required technical skills that will let you paint with more creative freedom, not needing to focus so much on technique.  This is very sound advice, but what to do?

Nobody sits down at a piano without much training and expects to play a Chopin Mazurka.  And yet this is a bit the expectation of beginning artists.  The resulting disappointment is often expressed as, “I guess I don’t have talent.”  Learning to play the piano, I trained daily with “Hanon, The Virtuoso Pianist” to develop finger muscle and movement patterns.  It was required by all my piano teachers.   I would like to share a couple of tips for emerging artists that wish to become more “painterly”.  I hope my experiences can help them as much as they have helped me....

June 12, 2019

Tracey loves SUPRISES! 

Better yet, I love to make suprises for Tracey. She gets all excited.

After telling her that I have a suprise... she will ask what it is, of coarse,  I don't tell her.

she will sing about it, tries to guess and wonder, she talks about it, and she'll ask how big it is, what colour it is, sometimes she guesses what the suprise is.

I really like to bring flowers home for Tracey just about every other week. This way they are fresh.

She loves them, the colours, the textures, all the details, the sweet smell that fills the room. 

This time I decided to create a painting that would last a lifetime. 

for Tracey

40" x 40"

oil on canvas

May 17, 2019


30" x 40"

oil on canvas

While standing at the foot of the traffic circle I noticed this little bird sitting on a fire hydrant. She remained perched, paralysed by the mayhem and confusion caused by a goose that decided to cross the road. Wait, there is a guy walking, absorded in his phone call, that is about to colide with the news stand. The daily paper is almost sold out and the remnants of their wrappings is blowing down the sidewalk. An elderly couple are eagerly awaiting their rickshaw ride to arrive. A police officer is writing a ticket, and the bank manager is yelling at me because he thinks I am taking his picture. I just wanted to enjoy my cup of coffee.

February 24, 2019

NOW AVAILABLE – Ducks Unlimited Canada releases 2019 National Art Portfolio 

Four Ontario artists selected for Canada’s premier collection of conservation artwork

DATE, CITY, ONTARIO– Connecting Canadians with the benefits of conservation is central to the Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) National Art Portfolio. 

“Among our greatest challenges in wetland conservation is transforming how people relate to the natural world,” says Karla Guyn, CEO of Ducks Unlimited Canada. “Artists have a unique ability to evoke people’s feelings about the importance of our land, water and wildlife. They are strong proponents of conservation and their artwork is a powerful tool for building appreciation and support for wetland conservation in Canada.”

The 2019 National Art Portfolio is a collection of memorable moments that highlight the importance of Canada’s natural environment to our Canadian lifestyles. “Each year DUC receives hundreds of submissions,” says Guyn. “We select pieces that we feel...

February 5, 2019

Under our Apple Tree
40" x 60"
oil on canvas

It was our third date as we sat on a blanket enjoying each other's company feasting on pineapple and chocolate dip.

Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach as Tracey and I were engaged in deep conversation. We watched the geese grazing on grass, and a woodpecker dining on insects in the distance.

Making memories.... 

      ..... we were falling in love.

That was in June 2002, we were married the following year.

My life has never been the same since we met, it has been even better after marriage.

I am forever gratful to God for lending Tracey to me. 

I am blessed

January 14, 2019

One of my paintings was chosen to be on the front cover of a Christian music cd.

I am thrilled to be part of such a lovely musical experience.

Thank you Jonathan Urie for all you do for the world with your musical talents.

This is truly an honour.

December 21, 2018

Olaf's painting "Breathless" was chosen for the 2019 Ducks Unlimited Portfolio

December 18, 2018

 the River  |   32 x 48  |   oil on canvas

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