Olaf Schneider— (b.1964 - ) is an artist from the Toronto, who is widely regarded to be one of the acknowledged leaders in mural painting in Canada. 


Olaf’s training has been thorough and exceptional. Educated at the Ontario College of Art and mentored by some of the   world’s leading billboard painters. Major galleries in             Toronto, throughout North America and Europe, have exhibited Olaf’s work. 


Olaf is a member of the prestigious Oil Painters of America — Additionally, he has won numerous awards and honors. He has been heralded top honours in Art Collector Magazine, International Artist Magazine, Interior Design Show, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Mercedes Benz Canada to name a few.


My Philosophy


Art is a celebration of life, and the making of art is an expression of the sacred spiritual discipline. If a painting could, for a moment, capture the attention and awareness of the viewer through visual harmony, carry on a dialogue, bring the viewer further than the call our five senses, beyond a momentary concern for the past or future, to a timeless state free from thought and self consciousness... then the work has approached the realm of art,

the realm of life. 

fine artist

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